Belemnites of the genus Actinocamax Miller, 1823, from the Cenomanian of Poland

Ryszard Marcinowski


The belemnites of the genus Actinocamax Miller, 1823, and representing its subgenus Praeactinocamax Najdin, 1964, recorded from the Upper Cenomanian conglomerates from Glanów, Polish Jura Chain, are described. Two subspecies, Praeactinocamax plenus plenus (Blainville, 1827) and P. primus primus (Arkhangelsky, 1912) were identified. The straltigraphic ranges of these belemnites and some problems connected with the Actinocamax plenus Zone are discussed. Borings of the ichnospecies Dendrina anomala M¬gdefrau, 1937, and Calcideletrix breviramosa M¬gdefrau, 1937, found on the surface of the guards are interpreted as formed postmortally, when the guards were partly buried in the sea bottom.

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