Foraminifers from the Muschelkalk of southern Poland

Andrzej Gaździcki, Jerzy Trammer, Krystyna Zawidzka


Seventy one foraminifer taxa (including the two new ones: Endothyra salaji Gaździcki, sp. n. and Involutina eomesozoica praecursor Gaździcki, ssp. n.) are recognized in the Muschelkalk (Anisian - Lower Ladinian sequence) of southern Poland. Representatives of the family Involutinidae are shown to have appeared much earlier than it was previously assumed. The Meandrospira? deformata Zone is proposed for the Lower Anisian, and the Glomospira densa Zone is modified. The foraminifer assemblage described does not differ from contemporaneous assemblages of the Tethys.

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