Polychaete remains and their stratigraphic distribution in the Muschelkalk of southern Poland

Krystyna Zawidzka


Various remains of the polychaetes of the families Atraktoprionidae, Glyceridae, Goniadidae, Kalloprionidae (?), Lumbrinereidae, Lysaretidae, Mochtyellidae (?) and Muelleriprionidae have been described from the Muschelkalk of southern Poland. Elements MI and MII of the·genus Praelumbrinereis of the family Lumbrinereidae display many characters in common with corresponding jaws of Paleozoic Paulinitidae, thus confirming a direct relationship of the two families. Two new species, Elleriprion kozuri sp. n. and Kielanoprion longidentatus sp. n. have been described and illustrated.

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