Tungsten-tin-molybdenum mineralization in the Karkonosze massif

Andrzej Kozłowski, Łukasz Karwowski, Wiesław Olszyński


Ore mineralization in the zone of aplogranites in the NW part of the Karkonosze massif (Sudetes Mts), partly metasomatized by Na-bearing solutions, and in quartz veins, reveal a lengthly list of minerals, such as wolframite, cassiterite, molybdenite, scheelite, native bismuth, bismuthite and bismuth sulfosalt. Studies of fluid inclusions reveal the crystallization conditions as: pressure about 700 atm, temperature 405-375°C in the pneumatolytic stage and, after condensation, from 375°C down to about 100°C (hydrothermal stage). The mineral assemblage, as well the sequence and conditions of crystallization are typical of the majority of W-Sn-Mo deposits.

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