Lower Liassic (“Gresten Beds") microfacies and foraminifers from the Tatra Mts

Andrzej Gaździcki


The carbonate intercalations from the sub-tatric (Križna) Lower Liassic ("Gresten Beds") yield relatively numerous and stratigraphically important foraminifers. The identified forms, Ophthalmidium leischneri (Krtistan-Tollmann), Nodosaria metensis Terquem. N. crispata Terquem, Marginulina spinata spinata Terquem, Frondicularia pupiformis Haeusler, Involutina liassica (Jones), I. farinacciae Brönnimann & Koehn-Zaninetti,. and Trocholina granosa Frentzen, are indicative of Hettangian-Sinemurian age. The sedimentary sequence, as well as the floral and faunal assemblages of the "Gresten Beds" in the Tatra Mts are almost identical to those of the contemporaneous rocks of various sections of the Alpine-Carpathian geosyncline; moreover, they appear somewhat similar to those of the epicontinental basin of North-western Europe.

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