W sprawie rzekomej transgresji kimerydy na Wyżynie Krakowskiej

Jerzy Głazek, Andrzej Wierzbowski


On the alleged Kimmeridgian transgression In the Cracow Upland

 The paper presents new data on the youngest Upper Jurassic deposits of the Cracow Upland and discusses the lithologic and faunal premises on the basis of which these deposits were previously considered as the ''transgressive Kimmeridgian". These deposits, represented by marls with blocks and intercalations of limestones and overlying platy limestones from Wolbrom, on the whole are assigned to the ldoceras planula Zone of the Upper Oxfordian. TheIr contact with the substrate is not of transgressive character. The view about the emergence of the area and the karstification phase preceeding deposition of marls in Cracow Upland is rejected. In marls under discussion subaqueous slumps and turbidities were recorded.

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