Middle Miocene (Badenian) gastropods from Korytnica, Poland; Part V Addenda et Corrigenda ad Prosobranchia

Wacław Bałuk


This report is the fifth part of the monograph of the rich assemblage of gastropods occurring in the so-called Pleurotoma Clays of Middle Miocene (Badenian) age, exposed in the environs of Korytnica in the Holy Cross Mountains, Central Poland. Besides 73 species, described earlier, the report contains descriptions of 52 species omitted from the earlier parts; of which, 50 were not recorded previously from Korytnica. Five species are established as new: Cocculina (Dallia) unica sp.nov., Turritella (Peyrotia) circumcisa sp.nov., Caecum korytnicense sp.nov., Morula valdemari sp.nov., and Ocinebrina recognita sp.nov. A new name, Megalomphalus palazzii nom.nov. is proposed for Narica depressa BOETTGER, 1907 [=Megalomphalus depressus (BOETTGER, 1907)], which is a homonym of Megalomphalus depressus (SEGUENZA, 1876).


Prosobranch gastropods, Middle Miocene, Korytnica

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