Some peculiar rugose coral taxa fromUpper Serpukhovian strata of the Czech Republic

Jerzy Fedorowski


Two genera from Upper Serpukhovian strata in the Czech Republic part of the Silesian Coal Basin are described and figured. Ostravaia gen. nov., included in Ostravaiainae subfam. nov., may belong to the Family Antiphyllidae Ilina, 1970. It is represented by one, morphologically variable new species, O. silesiaca. Two other species, conditionally included in that genus, are left in open nomenclature. Variaxon gen. nov., included in Variaxoninae subfam nov. of an undetermined family, is represented by two species, one of which, V. radians, is new.


Ostravaia, Variaxon; New rugose genera; Upper Serpukhovian; Czech Republic

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