The trace fossil Rusophycus versans from the Furongian (Upper Cambrian) of central Poland – an example of behavioural convergence amongst arthropods

Grzegorz Sadlok, Marcin Machalski


Traces assigned to Rusophycus versans are recorded for the first time from Furongian (Upper Cambrian) strata, as exposed at Wiśniówka Wielka quarry, Holy Cross Mountains, central Poland. These traces are ascribed to the life activity of trilobites in a fully marine environment. In contrast, previous records of R. versans have been attributed to notostracans, isopods or arthropleurids and are preserved in non-marine settings. The relatively wide phylogenetic distribution of R. versans within various arthropod groups indicates that this ichnotaxon represents behavioural convergence amongst arthropods.


Trace fossils; Rusophycus; Arthropods; Behavioural convergence; Cambrian; Furongian; Poland

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