Ichnological record of the activity of Anthozoa in the early Cambrian succession of the Upper Silesian Block (southern Poland)

Jolanta Paczesna


A new occurrence of inferred Anthozoa trace fossils from the Lower Cambrian subsurface succession of the Upper Silesian Block is discussed with respect to their ichnotaxonomical variation and some aspects of the palaeoecology. The three ichnogenera Bergaueria Prantl, 1945, Conichnus Männil, 1966 and Conostichus Lesquereux, 1876 have been identified.Arelatively diverse assemblage of actinian or cerianthid trace fossils allows recognition of habitats, feeding modes and life strategies of the tracemakers.An example of probable anthozoanpolychaete mutualism is suggested on the basis of the interrelationships of the trace fossils.


Anthozoa trace fossils; Ichnotaxonomy; Palaeoecology; Lower Cambrian; Upper Silesian Block; Southern Poland

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