The Upper Albian ammonite succession in the Montlaux section, Hautes-Alpes, France

William James Kennedy, Jean-Louis Latil


A 100 metre succession of Upper Upper Albian sediments in the Montlaux section (les Gipieres-Champfleury), Alpes-de-Haute Provence, France yielded a series of ammonites that provide unequivocal evidence for a Mortoniceras (Subschloenbachia) rostratum ammonite Zone succeeded by a Mortoniceras (Subschloenbachia) perinflatum ammonite Zone. On this basis, and evidence from successions described previously, the classic Upper Upper Albian Stoliczkaia dispar Zone is replaced by a sequence, from oldest to youngest, of Mortoniceras (Mortoniceras) fallax, Mortoniceras (Subschloenbachia) rostratumMortoniceras (Subschloenbachia) perinflatum and Arrhaphoceras (Praeschloenbachia) briacensis Zones. The following species are described: Anagaudryceras sacya (FORBES, 1846), Desmoceras latidorsatum (MICHELIN, 1838), Puzosia (Puzosia) mayoriana (D’ORBIGNY, 1841), Pleurohoplites renauxianus (D’ORBIGNY, 1840), Arrhaphoceras sp., Discohoplites simplex WRIGHT & WRIGHT, 1949, Discohoplites subfalcatus (SEMENOV, 1899), Mortoniceras (Subschloenbachia) rostratum (J.SOWERBY, 1817), Mortoniceras (Subschloenbachia) perinflatum (SPATH, 1922b), Stoliczkaia (Stoliczkaia) dispar (D’ORBIGNY, 1841), Stoliczkaia (Stoliczkaia) clavigera NEUMAYR, 1875, Anisoceras armatum (J.SOWERBY, 1817), Anisoceras perarmatum PICTET & CAMPICHE, 1861, Anisoceras pseudoelegans PICTET & CAMPICHE, 1861, Idiohamites elegantulus SPATH, 1939, Hamites venetzianus PICTET, 1847, Lechites (L.) gaudini (PICTET & CAMPICHE, 1861), Lechites (L.) moreti BREISTROFFER, 1936, Mariella (Mariella) bergeri (BRONGNIART, 1822), Ostlingoceras (Ostlingoceras) puzosianum (D’ORBIGNY, 1842), and Scaphites (Scaphites) sp.


Ammonites, Zonation, Cretaceous, Albian, France

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