Middle Permian rugose corals from the Kapp Starostin Formation, South Spitsbergen (Treskelen Peninsula)

Edward Chwieduk


The rugose corals from the topmost part of the Kapp Starostin Formation on the Treskelen Peninsula, South Spitsbergen, are described. The collection consists of 22 specimens, representing the genera Calophyllum, Allotropiochisma and Euryphyllum. These solitary and non-dissepimented taxa, considered to be cold-water forms, are representatives of the Calophyllum Province of the Cordilleran-Arctic- Uralian Realm, and confirm a biogeographical connection between Alaska, Ural Mts., Central European Basin, Sverdrup Basin, and Arctic Canada in the Middle Permian. In southern Spitsbergen the Kapp Starostin Formation yields apparently the latest representatives of the Rugosa in the whole Hornsund region, dated to the Guadalupian and probably to the Wordian.


Solitary Rugosa, Permian, Kapp Starostin Formation, Spitsbergen

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