The Silurian of the margin of the East European platform in the region of Miastko-Chojnice (NW Poland)

Lech Teller


A description is given of the lithologo-faunistical characters, as well as of the stratigraphy and sedimentary-tectonic development of the Silurian deposits identified in 8 boreholes in the Miastko-Chojnice region. Evidence has been obtained for the presence of the complete profile of the Silurian deposits belonging to the Caledonian sedimentary megacycle which, in the area under discussion, does not end before the Gedinnian. After the folding of the Silurian sediments during the Erian phase of the Caledonian orogeny they were at least twice subjected to erosion and are unconformably covered by various members of the late Paleozoic.

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