Poleogeographic outline of the Tithonian in the Czechoslovakian Carpathians

Milan Misik


In the Tithonian of Czechoslovakia the following sedimentation areas can be discerned: 1) Pelagic marly limestones with Calpionella in all troughs with the Teëin subunit displaying turbidites and maximum subsidence. 2) W-NW marginal shallow-water sediments with occurrences of corals and Dasycladaceae – the Pavlov – tramberk Belt. 3) SE marginal shallow-water limestones with Dasycladaceae – the Gemer area. 4) Shallow-water sediments with occurrences of corals – the Czorsztyn cordillera. 5) Shallow-water limestones with Dasycladaceae – the exotic succession of the Klippen Belt. 6) High-tatric cordillera with volcanites. 7) Submarine elevation of Vysok«-Bel«-Ducina.

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