Selected benthic faunas from the Devonian of the Ardennes: an estimation of palaeobiodiversity

Benoit L.M. Hubert, Mikołaj Zapalski, Jean-Pierre Nicollin, Bruno Mistiaen, Denice Brice


A survey of the principal benthic faunas from the Devonian of the Ardennes is presented. The α-diversity is very high (707 species, including 138 species of stromatoporoids, 113 species of tabulates, hydroids and chaetetids, and 456 species of brachiopods). Analysis of their distribution through time indicates two brachiopod diversity peaks (Emsian/Eifelian and Frasnian), a single stromatoporoid diversity peak (Givetian), and no clear peak of tabulate corals (with the highest diversification during the Eifelian–Frasnian). The highest diversity of bioconstructors in the Givetian correlates with a decrease in brachiopod diversity. Changes in the vertical distribution of the faunas are correlated with the facies development: the development of carbonates correlates with the abundance of stromatoporoids and tabulates, while brachiopods were most abundant before and after the peak of carbonate development. Bioconstructors are absent (or nearly absent) in siliciclastic facies.


Devonian, Ardennes, Biodiversity, Stromatoporoids, Chaetetids, Hydroids, Tabulate corals, Brachiopods

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