Predation by muricid and naticid gastropods on the Lower Tortonian moIlusks from the Korytnica clays

Antoni Hoffman, Andrzej Pisera, Marcin Ryszkiewicz


Traces of the predation by boring gastropods, very common on the Lower Tortonian gastropods, pelecypods and scaphopods from the Korytnica clays on the southern slopes of the Holy Cross Mts, Central Poland, have been ascribed to the activity of four muricid and five naticid species. A very strong differentiation of the proneness of particular species to be attacked by predatory boring; gastropods has been shown by a statistical analysis of more than 20,000 specimens of over 120 species. In this respect the character of differentiation of large taxonomic and ecological groups suggests that it results not so much from the ethology of the predators as from the ecology of their potential prey. The ratio of the numbers of the naticid and muricid prey within the range of large taxonomic and ecological groups indicates divergent interests at the two groups or predatory boring gastropods and an only small extent of their competition.

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