Lower Cambrian biostratigraphy in the Holy Cross Mts, based on the trilobite family Olenellidae

Stanisław Orłowski


The present paper contains a revision of trilobites of the family Olenellidae from the Lower Cambrian of the Holy Cross Mts, based on an abundant material collected by the writer and by the late Professor J. Samsonowicz. The material from borings in East Poland has also been used for comparative purposes. The following species and subspecies of the Olenellidae are described: Schmidtiellus panowi (Samsonowicz, 1959), Holmia kjerulfi marginata subsp. n., H. glabra sp. n., H. orienta sp. n., and Kjerulfia orcina sp. n. The biostratigraphic division of the Lower Cambrian in the Holy Cross Mts has been presented and compared with those in East Poland and other areas in East Europe and Scandinavia on the basis of the range of the trilobites examined.

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