Late Famennian (Devonian) Balviinae (Ammonoidea) from the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland

Tatiana Woroncowa-Marcinowska


Five species of the Late Famennian family Balviinae korn 2002, Effenbergia lens Korn, 1992, E. minutula Korn, 1992, Kenseyoceras nucleus (Schmidt, 1924), K. biforme (Schindewolf, 1937), and Balvia globularis (Schmidt, 1924), are described from the Holy Cross Mountains, Central Poland. The material comes from the
Wocklumeria Beds” of the kowala, ostrówka and Besówka sections, possibly from the Effenbergia lens – Parawocklumeria paradoxa zones and from the upper part of the Wocklumeria sphaeroides Zone – Epiwocklumeria applanata subzone of the Late Famennian.


Ammonoidea; Balviinae; Late Devonian; Famennian; Holy Cross Mountains; Poland

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