Features and coverages in hydrogeological information

Janusz Michalak, Paweł M. Leśniak


In recording hydrogeological information in computer systems (databases, GIS), it became necessary to manipulate them in a consistent and efficient way. The correct functioning of these systems depends principally on the applied data models, which should be based on commonly accepted international standards of geospatial information. This is particularly important in the case of interoperability of different systems, for example a system simulating hydrogeological processes and the hydrogeological geospatial database system. The research tools of geomatics allow the construction of data models of such systems conformable to these standards. However, in the definition of such a model several ontological and semantic inconsistencies arise. Two examples are taken for consideration: hydrogeological feature and coverage. These terms are frequently applied improperly to cases of geospatial information. Definition of these terms in a hydrogeological context will prevent ambiguities in formulating models of hydrogeological data.


Geomatics, Geospatial information, Hydrogeological feature, Hydrogeological coverage, Hydrogeological object, Data model, Conceptual schema

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