New Late Silurian to Middle Devonian acanthodians of the Timan-Pechora region

Juozas Valiukevicius


New Pridoli to Eifelian acanthodian scales from various structural units of the Timan-Pechora region are described. Among 15 new species and 1 new genus, there are: 10 new species of nostolepids, common members of most of the biostratigraphic associations, the monospecific genus Monospina gen. nov., a single new species of Cheiracanthoides (all Climatiida), Diplacanthus pechorensis sp. nov. (Diplacanthida), and two new species of Gomphonchus (Ischnacanthida). Besides morphologic descriptions the taxa are also characterised histologically. Acanthodian taxa with scale crowns and bases composed of cellular bone, or very similar tissue, proposed as a primitive feature in their evolution, are reported for the first time.


Acanthodians, Nostolepids, Climatiids, Diplacanthids, Ischnacanthids, L ate Silurian, Early Devonian, Middle Devonian

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