New trace fossils produced by etching molluscs from the Upper Neogene of the southwestern Iberian Peninsula

Anna Santos, Eduardo Mayoral, Fernando Muniz


New trace fossils produced by etching molluscs, mainly gastropods (Crepidula) and bivalves (Ostreacea), from the southwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula (southeast of Portugal and southwestern of Spain) are described. These trace fossils are here described as Lacrimichnus ichnogen. nov. due to the tear-shape of the scars. Two new ichnospecies are established: L. cacelensis ichnosp. nov. and L. bonarensis ichnosp. nov. Both ichnospecies are of Late Miocene (Late Tortonian) - Holocene age.


Etching molluscs, Trace fossils, Lacrimichnus ichnogen. nov., L. cacelensis ichnosp. nov., L. bonarensis ichnosp. nov., Upper Neogene, Portugal, Spain

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