Utwory najniższego dinantu z profilu Babilon 1 (Pomorze Zachodnie)

Krystyna Korejwo


The lowermost Dinantian from the Babilon 1 column (Western Pomerania)

A lithostratigraphic sequence of pre-Zechsteian sediments is presented. The satigraphic value of the molluscan fauna encoutered in the sequence is analysed and compared to brachiopods (Matyja 1975b) and microflora (Turnau 1975). Sediments of the uppermost Famennian (Fa2), Strunian (Tn1a) and possibly the lowarmost portion of the Tournaisian (Tn1b) have been distinguished. Lt is suggested to put the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary at the bottom of the Strunian series. The sedimentary history of the Devonian-Dinantian time is described. The problem of the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary is dealt with the general.

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