An introduction to the palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the Bathonian (Middle Jurassic) ore-bearing clays at Gnaszyn, Kraków-Silesia Homocline, Poland

Przemysław Gedl, Andrzej Kaim


This paper provides introductory data for multidisciplinary studies on palaeoenvironmental reconstructions of the Bathonian (Middle Jurassic) ore-bearing clays exposed at Gnaszyn, southern Poland. These dark-coloured fine-clastic deposits have been studied for micropalaeontology, sedimentology and geochemistry (published in separate papers within this volume). Brief outlines of the Middle Jurassic palaeogeography of the Polish epicontinental basin and the geology of the Kraków-Silesia Homocline are given. A description of the ore-bearing clays succession exposed in the clay-pit at Gnaszyn is provided, including locations of the sections studied, their ammonite biostratigraphy, brief lithology and macrofossil distribution. The sample positions collected for micropalaeontological and geochemical studies are specified.


Poland; Kraków-Silesia Homocline; Middle Jurassic; Bathonian ore-bearing clays; Dark deposits.

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