Anisotropy properties of the quartzite from Jegłowa, Poland

Tomasz Marciniszyn, Adam Sieradzki


Results of the dielectric spectroscopy, thermal and dilatometric measurements of the quartzite rock are presented. Based on the dielectric measurements performed in a wide range of the frequency (101– 5 · 107Hz) at temperature of 300K the piezoresonance in quartzite was found. A chemical composition of quartzite was examined by XRF. The anisotropy of the thermal conductivity was observed. The thermal conductivity coefficient changes from 13.2 [W/Km] to 5.6 [W/Km] for the [100] and [001] direction, respectively. Based on the thermal expansion measurement the thermal expansion coefficient of quartzite was estimated to be α Q = 8.0 · 10-6 [K-1] ±0.7 · 10-6


Quartzite anisotropy; Thermal conductivity of quartzite; Thermal expansion of quartzite

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