Towards a standard Tithonian to Valanginian calpionellid zonation of the Tethyan Realm

Iskra Lakova, Silviya Petrova


A calpionellid zonal scheme is proposed for the Tithonian through Valanginian pelagic carbonates of the Western Balkan Unit, based on the vertical ranges of 57 chitinoidellid and calpionellid species recognized. This zonal scheme consists of calpionellid zones that are widely accepted in the Mediterranean Realm, such as the zones of Chitinoidella, Praetintinnopsella, Crassicollaria, Calpionella, Calpionellopsis, Calpionellites and Tintinnopsella. Subzonal divisions are comparable to those in the Carpathians. Direct correlations between ammonite and calpionellid ranges suggest that the base of the Upper Tithonian corresponds to the FO of Chitinoidella boneti; that of the Upper Berriasian to the FO of the genus Calpionellopsis; and the base and top of the Lower Valanginian to the FO and LO of the genus Calpionellites respectively. Correlations of the calpionellid zonation in the study area with zonations in other areas are discussed.


Calpionellids; Tithonian; Berriasian; Valanginian; Western Balkan Unit; Mediterranean standard zonation

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