Radiocarbon datings of the Late Glacial and Holocene deposits of western Pomerania

Krystyna Kopczyńska-Lamparska


Seashore cliff exposure near Niechorze in western Pomerania display organic deposits of the two local lakes infilled during the last deglaciation of the Pomerania region, related to the Baltic (Wòrm) Glaciation. Palynological and diatomological analysis of these deposits, and radiocarbon datings of peat horizons made it possible to identify the Oldest Dryas for the first time in northwestern Poland, as well as to establish stratigraphical subdivision of the whole section. One of the lake profiles comprises deposits representing all the post-Oldest-Dryas periods of the Late Glacial as well as the Pre-Boreal, Boreal, Atlantic and Sub-Boreal periods of the Holocene.

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