Interglacial Mindel I/Mindel II in fossil-bearing karst at Kozi Grzbiet in the Holy Cross Mts

Jerzy Głazek, Jeszek Lindner, Tadeusz Wysoczański-Minkowicz


Deposits filling the ancient cave in the Devonian limestones at the Kozi Grzbiet Hill in the Holy Crss Mts, Central Poland, consist of red sands and clays being redeposited waste of the Buntsandstein. The top part of the red deposits has been reworked by periglacial processes, eroded end ultimately covered with brown cave loams containing fossils, as well as ice-transported material derived from deposits of the Mindel 1 Glaciation. The overlying glacifluvial sands are attributed to the Mindel 11 Glaciation. Rich vertebrate and snail fauna, containing i.a. Mimomys savini, Pliomys lenki, Dicrostonyx simplicior, Lemmus sp., Ursus
deningeri and Helcigona banatica indicates several climatic phases during deposition of cave loams, and proper interglacial conditions. These conditions are indicative of the existence of the two separate glacations, Mindel I and Mindel II, in the territory of Poland.

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