Coniacian (Upper Cretaceous) ammonites from the North Cantabrian Basin (Cantabria, northern Spain)

Frank Wiese


A small Coniacian ammonite fauna is described from the North Cantabrian Cretaceous Basin (Cantabria, northern Spain). 11 species, belonging to nine genera, are treated. These are Gaudryceras mite, Forresteria (Forresteria) alluaudi, Peroniceras (Peroniceras) westphalicum, P. (P.) subtricarinatum, P. (P.) cf. lepeeiPuzosia (P.) muelleri, Tetragonites epigonum, Tissotioides haplophyllum, Tongoboryceras cf. canali and Scaphites cf. kieslingswaldensis. Yabeiceras manasoaense is described for the first time from Europe. The poor fauna does not permit any refined stratigraphic subdivision, but the general distribution pattern fits that observed in other areas. An Early Coniacian age is suggested for the assemblage. Biogeographically, the fauna presumably reflects intermediate conditions between the Tethys and the Boreal.


Coniacian, Spain, Ammonites, Stratigraphy, Palaeobiogeography.

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