Heteromorph ammonites from the Upper Campanian (Upper Cretaceous) Baculites cuneatus and Baculites reesidei zones of the Pierre Shale in Colorado, USA

William James Kennedy, William A. Cobban, Glenn R. Scott


Calcareous sandstone concretions in the Upper Cretaceous Pierre Shale in Middle Park and in the Fort Collins area of Colorado in the U.S. Western Interior contain heteromorph ammonites of the families Nostoceratidae HYATT, 1894, and Diplomoceratidae SPATH, 1926. The following species are described: Nostoceras cf. N. approximans (CONRAD, 1855), Nostoceras cf. N. obtusum HOWARTH, 1965, N. larimerense sp. nov., Nostoceras cf. N. splendidum (SHUMARD, 1861), Didymoceras aurarium sp. nov., D. draconis (STEPHENSON, 1941), Cirroceras conradi (MORTON, 1841), Anaklinoceras minutum sp.nov., Solenoceras texanum (SHUMARD, 1861), Solenoceras cf. S. reesidei STEPHENSON, 1941, Lewyites oronensis (LEWY, 1969), and Lewyites? sp. All these species are migrants from the Gulf coastal region. Didymoceras draconis and Cirroceras conradi are also known from the Delaware-New Jersey area, and these two species, together with Solenoceras texanum are known from as far away as Israel.


Ammonites, Cretaceous, Campanian, U.S.A.

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