Heteromorph ammonites from the middle Campanian Baculites scotti Zone in the U.S. Western Interior

William James Kennedy, Wiiliam A. Cobban, Glenn R. Scott


Heteromorph ammonites are common in the middle Campanian Baculites scotti Zone of the United States Western Interior; the following species are described: Didymoceras binodosum (KENNEDY & COBBAN, 1993a), D. wrighti sp. nov., D. jorgenseni sp. nov., Anaklinoceras incertum sp. nov., Lewyites sulcatus sp. nov., Solenoceras mortoni (MEEK & HAYDEN, 1857), and Spiroxybeloceras kimbroense KENNEDY & COBBAN, 1999. They provide the basis for the subdivision of the scotti Zone into a lower Didymoceras binodosum Subzone, and an upper Didymoceras jorgenseni Subzone.


Cretaceous, Campanian, U.S. Western Interior, Ammonites, Biostratigraphy

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