The miniature echinoid trace fossil Bichordites kuzunensis isp. nov. from early Oligocene prodelta sediments of the Mezardere Formation, Gökçeada Island, northwest Turkey

Hurie Demircan, Alfred Uchman


The pascichnial trace fossil Bichordites kuzunensis isp. nov. occurs as an epichnial complex structure in early Oligocene prodelta sediments of the Thrace Basin in Gökçeada Island, northwest Turkey. It displays characteristics of irregular echinoid burrows such as overall shape and a double meniscate filling with a chevron dorsal suture, in addition to the feature typical of the so far monospecific Bichordites Plaziat and Mahmoudi, 1988, that is a single central core around a single drainage tube. Its miniature size can be related to the small size of the tracemaker (ontogenic feature) or to its dwarfism in a stressed deltaic environment (palaeoecological feature). Its occurrence indicates a period of fully marine conditions during accumulation of the deltaic sediments of the Mezardere Formation.


Bichordites kuzunensis; Ichnology; Ichnotaxonomy; New taxa; Pascichnia; Prodelta; Oligocene; Thrace Basin; Turkey


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