On three rugose coral genera from Serpukhovian strata in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Poland

Jerzy Fedorowski


The rugose coral specimens included by Schindewolf (1952) in the genera Claviphyllum Hudson, 1942, Fasciculophyllum Thomson, 1883 and Pentaphyllum (Tachylasma) Grabau, 1922 are revised on the basis of the original collection. The first two taxa are included in Antiphyllum Schindewolf, 1952, either in its original sense or in its newly introduced subgenus Antiphyllites. The new genus Effigies is introduced for Pentaphyllum (Tachylasmasilesiacum Schindewolf, 1952. The reasons for placing individual genera within given families and suborders are discussed. New, detailed descriptions of species are supplemented by text-figures in order to document their intraspecific variability and phylogenetic relationships.


rugosa genera; Serpukhovian; Poland; revision.

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