A new ammonite fauna from the Oxfordian of the Pinar del Rio province, western Cuba

Ryszard Myczński


The paper deals with ammonite fauna recorded for the first time from the Oxfordian of the Pinar del Rio province in western Cuba. The ammonites found in the Jagua Fm. (Pimienta Member) in the Sierra de los Organos, and the Francisco Fm. in the Sierra del Rosario belong to the genera: Ochetoceras Haug, 1885, Glochiceras Hyatt 1900, Euaspidoceras Spath, 1931., Cubaspidoceras gen. n., and Mirosphinctes, Schindewolf, 1926. Seven new species and three new subspecies are described and the possibility of distinguishing several other new species is suggested. The ammonite-bearing strata are assumed to be of late Middle Oxfordian and possibly earliest Late Oxfordian age.

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