An Upper Albian ammonite fauna from Crimea

Ryszard Marcinowski, Dimitr P. Naidin


The paper deals with the Upper Albian ammonites occurring in the transgressive deposits of south-western Crimea in the Soviet Union. On the basis of faunistic and lithological criteria, the stratigraphic subdivision of these deposits is presented, and its scheme compared with those of the platform and geosynclinals areas of Europe and adjacent regions of Asia. In the paleontological part, described are 30 ammonite genera or species, one of which is new: Prohysteroceras (Goodhallites) tauricense sp. n. The investigated ammonites represent the families Hamitidae, Scaphitidae, Desmoceratidae, Hoplitidae, Brencoceratidae and Lyelliceratidae, and they bear close resemblances to the assemblages known from western and central Europe.

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