Ammonites and stratigraphy of the Upper Oxfordian of the Wieluń Upland, Central Poland

Andrzej Wierzbowski


Lithostratigraphy and ammonite zonation of the Upper Oxfordian (bimammatum and planula Zones) of the Wieluń Upland Central Poland, are presented. The bimammatum and hauffianum Subzones of bimammatum Zone are recognized. The lnoceras-like and Enayites-ldoceras passage forms are found throughout the hauffianum Subzone, and the top of the Subzone is marked by the first appearance of true ldoceras. Three ammonite horizons, viz. planula-costatum, aff. tenuinodosum, and planula-quenstedi ones are distinguished within the planula Zone. Of the ammonites found in the Wieluń Upland, the following genera are discussed in greater detail in paleontological part of the paper: Taramelliceras, ldoceras and related forms, Prorasenia, Ringsteadia, Pomerania, Progeronia, and Orthosphinctes. Two new species are established, namely Ringsteadia (Ringsteadia) submediterranea sp. n. and Orthosphinctes (Pseudorthosphinctes) lisowicensis sp. n.

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