Stratigraphy and palaeogeography of Lower Triassic in Poland on the bassis of megaspores

Ryszard Fuglewicz


The study deals with stratigraphy and correlation of Buntsandstein in the Polish Lowland and in the Tatra Mts on the basis of megaspores. Three key (for Buntsandstein) assemblage megaspore zones were distinguished: Otynisporites eotriassicus, Trileites polonicus – PusuIosporites populosus and Trileites validus. Two new species (Echitriletes vaIidispinus sp. n. and Nathorstisporites cornutus sp. n.) were described. An influence of tectonic movements of Pf¬lzic and Hardegsen phases on sedimentation of Buntsandstein was discussed.

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