Triassic foraminifers from the Malay Peninsula

Andrzej Gaździcki, Ommo E. Smit


The Middle to Upper Triassic foraminifer assemblages were found for the first time in Malaysia. Fifty two foraminifer taxa (including the new species Endothyra malayensis Gazdzicki sp. n.) are recognized in the Kodiang Limestone Formation. The assemblages include stratigraphically important forms: Glomospira densa (Pantic), Glomospirella grandis (Salaj), Meandrospira pusilla (Ho), M. dinarica Kochansky-Devide & Pantic, Earlandia gracilis (Pantic), Earlandinita soussii Salaj, Agathammina? iranica Zaninetti & al. and some representatives of the family Involutinidae Bütschli. The studied foraminifer assemblages-are almost identical to those of the contemporaneous deposits of various sections of the Tethys Realm.

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