Uppermost Triassic sequences of the Choc nappe (Hronic) in the West Carpathians of Slovakia and Poland

Abdrzej Gaździcki, Józef Michalik


The paper presents lithological and stratigraphical analysis of the uppermost Triassic deposits of the Cho¹ unit of the Str«ûowsk« harnatina (Slovakia) and West Tatra Mts (Poland). The unique lithologlical and paleontological characteristics of these deposits permit recognition of a new lithostratigraphicaI unit, the Norovica Formation, in the Triassic of the West Carpathians. The formation includes light-grey compact limestones overlying the Hauptdolomit and underlying the Lower Liassic crinoidal limestones. Three members are distinguished within the Norovica Formation, viz. Lower Limestone Member, Siwa Woda Limestone Member, and Mojtin Limestone Member. The Norovica Formation contains the conodonts Misikella posthernsteini Kozur & Mock and the foraminifers Triasina hantkeni Mojzon indicative of the Rhaetian. Only the lowermost part of the formation may represent the Upper Norian (Sevatian).

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