The stratigraphy of Palaeolithic sites of the Cracow Upland

Teresa Madeyska Madeyska


The palaeoclimatical interpretation of the sedimentary sequence, and the analysis of fossil fauna according to the assemblages differentiation connected with the environment conditions, allow to establish the stratigraphy of Palaeolithic cave sites of the Cracow Upland. The stratigraphy of the Ioess sites was based on the interpretation of the aeolian sediments sequence and of fossil soils and deformation structures. In both types of sites the archaeological materials of the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic were used as dating element supplemented by scarce age determinations (thermoluminescence and radiocarbon methods). Within the investigated profiles, the last cold period (Vistulian), the last interglacial (Eemian) and the decline of the Penultimate Glaciation are recognizable. Within the Vistulian sedimentary sequence, five lithostratigraphical units and five rodent assemblage zones are established.

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