New locality of Early Pleistocene vertebrates - Żabia Cave at Podlesice, Central Poland

Pavel Bosak Bosak, Jerzy Głazek, Ivan Horacek, Adam Szynkiewicz


Żabia Cave at Podlesice in the Cracow-Wieluń Upland, Central Poland, is the vertical pit filled with complex sequence of deposits containing rich vertebrate fauna. The presence of Microtus (Allophaiomys) pliocaenicus (Kormos), as well as Ungaromys nanus Kormos, Mimomys cf. pusillus M¾hely, Lagurodon arankae Kretzoi, Beremendia fissidens Pet¾nyi, and Sorex (Drepanosorex) cf. pachyodon Pasa indicates low-Lower Biharian age of the locality. The stratigraphic correlation with well known localities of Early Pleistocene vertebrates in Poland (Kadzielnia, Kamyk, and Kozi Grzbiet) is briefly discussed.

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