Middle-Polish glaciations (Odranian, Wartanian) in southern Central Poland

Leszek Lindner, Krzysztof Grzybowski


In southern Central Poland the glacial sediments allow to divide the Middle-Polish (Riss) Glaciation into two glaciations: Odranian (= Dnieper) and Wartanian (= Moscow), separated by the Lublinian (= Odintsovo) Interglacial. Within the Odranian Glaciation two pre-maximum stadials were distinguished: Liwiec and Krzna stadials and the maximum Kamienna (= Radomka) Stadial. The stadials are separated by two interstadials (Zbójno, Podlesie) with palynologic records and corresponding in German Democratic Republic to the Damnitz-Warmzeit and Treene(?)-Warmzeit.

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