River valleys of the Mazovian Interglacial in eastern Central Europe

Leszek Lindner, Zbigniew Lamparski, Stanisław Dąbrowski


A reconstructed pattern of main river valleys of the Mazovian (Mindel II/Riss I; Holstein in Germany) Interglacial for eastern Central Europe is considerably different from those presented previously. This pattern comprises the pre-Vistula and pre-Neman drainage basins, both entering northwards to the Holstein Sea bay and including the Sambia region, as well as of the pre-Warta/Odra and pre-Noteć drainage basins, running westwards into the Holstein Sea bay that reached the present-day Lower Elbe area. The development of this valley system depended upon the extent of glacidynamic structures and deglaciation after the Sanian (= Mindel II) Glaciation as well as upon the results of neotectonic movements.

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