Some new fish otoliths from the Korytnica Clays (Middle Miocene; Holy Cross Mountains, Central Poland)

Urszula Radwańska


The assemblages of fish otoliths from littoral facies of the Korytnica Basin (Middle Miocene; Holy Cross Mountains, Central Poland) contain numerous taxa unknown from the basinal facies of the Korytnica Clays. Eight species are new: Ariosoma longicaudatum sp. n., Echelus arcuatus sp. n., Platycephalus fusiculus sp. n., Argyrosomus incisus sp. n., A. polonicus sp. n., Cepola multicrenata sp. n., Liza steurbauti sp. n., and Sphyraena dentata sp. n. Three genera have not hitherto been reported from the Korytnica Basin (Echelus, Platycephalus and Liza). All the investigated taxa represent littoral fishes of tropical and/or subtropical climatic zones, and some of them (Platycephalus) bear Indo-Pacific bioprovince affinities.

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