Biostratigraphy of the Cambrian deposits in the Łeba area

Wiesław Bednarczyk


The sedimentary cover of the East European Platform in the Łeba area (north-western Poland) encloses a Cambrian sequence that comprises almost all the equivalents of the stages distinguished in the classical section of Scandinavia. On the basis of macrofossils and partly microfossils the following zones and subzones have been recognized: MobergelIa, Hollmia, Protolenus (Lower Cambrian), Eccaparadoxides oelandicus (E. insularis, E. pinus), Paradoxides paradoxissimus (Hypagnostus parvifrons), Paradoxides forchhammeri (Middle Cambrian), Homagnostus obesus and Agnostus pisiformis, Orusia lenticularis, Peltura minor, and Peltura scarabeoides (Upper Cambrian). The Cambrian sediments overlie here the terrigenic sediment (Smołdzino Formation) of Vendian age.

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