Pleistocene amphibian fauna from Kozi Grzbiet in the Holy Cross Mts

Borja Sanchiz, Zbigniew Szyndlar


The Pleistocene (Mindel I/Mindel II) site of Kozi Grzbiet in the Holy Cross Mts, Central Poland, has provided remains of the following amphibans: Triturus cristatus and Triturus cf. vulgaris (Salamandridae); Bombina bombina (Discoglossidae); Pliobatrachus cl. langhae (Palaeobatrachidae); Pelobates fuscus (Pelobatidae); Bufo bufo (Bufonidae); Hyla arborea species-group (Hylidae); Rana temporaria, Rana dalmatina, cf. Rana arvalis and Rana "esculenta" species-group (Ranidae); as well as the remains of probably Pelodytes sp. (Pelodytidae) being first recorded as a fossil in Central Europe. No significant faunistic differences are recognizable among particular layers of the site, with a clear preponderance of Triturus criastatus (33 to 76% of individuals). The investigated Pleistocene amphibian fauna is briefly compared with the Pliocene one, to show the absence of any drastic faunistic change at the Pliocene/Pleistocene boundary.

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