An outline of Pleistocene chronostratigraphy in Poland

Leszek Lindner


The Quaternary in Poland consists of the Protopleistocene (1,870 000-150000 y. BP), the Pleistocene (950 000 -10 000 y. BP), and the Holocene (last 10 000 y. BP). Within the Protopleistocene the Otwock Cooling and the Celestynów Warming are distinguished. The Pleistocene includes 9 main gIaciations (Narew, Nida, San, Mogielanka, Wilga, Liwiec, Odra, Warta, Wisła) separated by 8, interglacials (Przasnysz, Kozi-Grzbiet, Pilczyca, Ferdynandów, Barkowice-Mokre, Zbójno, Grabówka, Eemian). A climatic characteristics and ages of all these episodes are presented on the basis of paleomagnetic, thermoluminescence FCl/P, 14C datings, which also enabled a chronostratigraphic correlation of the distinguished episodes with the equivalent units in the neighborinig countries and in deep-sea sediments.

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