The Tasman Sea coastal-zone sedimentary model, N.S.W., Australia

Piotr Roniewicz


Bottom forms and sedimentary structures investigated through direct scuba diver observations, and an examination of bedding, grain-size distribution and trace fossils in the undisturbed-structure samples taken at Kioloa Bay and several smaller bays along the Tasman Sea coast, allowed to recognize the sedimentary model resulting from the actually prevailing hydrodynamic conditions and depths characteristic for high-energy clastic and tidal coastal zone of the Australian seashores. Moreover, an estuary modal has been distinguished at Batemans Bay. The distinguished models were compared with those of the tideless coastal zones of the southern Baltic in Poland, and of the Black Sea in Bulgaria (Kamchiya region). All the discussed models are regarded as an interpretation key for many clastic sequences of the ancient sedimentary environments.

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