Inter- and subtidal sedimentation in the Nottingham Bay, South Spitsbergen

Jerzy Giżejewski


In the Nottingham Bay, southern Spitsbergen, three sedimentary areas were distinguished: the Brattega-Kvisla delta, the region of skerries and interskerry depressions, and the bays of the Kvartsitsletta shore. The Brattega-Kvisla delta is composed of gravel-sandy sediments with silty-clayey covers and small admixture of organic deposits. In the region of skerries and interskerry depressions a clayey-silty sedimentation prevails, with a considerable participation of organic deposits, and formation of abundant biogenic structures. The sedimentary environment in bays of the Kvartsitsletta shore is much varied, and the whole sequence of biogenic to sandy-gravel deposits is recognized. The Nottingham Bay is thought to be an instructive example of a modern estuary-type bay in the polar zone.

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