Upper Visean calcareous algae from the Lublin Coal Basin

Stanisław Skompski


A rich and diversified assemblage of well preserved calcareous algae from the Upper Vis¾an limestones of the Lublin Coal Basin, eastern Poland, contains 29 taxa, among which the green algae are the most frequent. The six species (Calcifolium okense, Kamaena delicata, Exvotarisella maponi, Nanopora anglica, Kulikia sphaerica, and Stacheoides polytrematoides) have a significant share in this assemblage. The chemically prepared specimens allowed to elucidate morphological details of some groups (e. g. tribe Palaeobereselleae and genus Saccaminopsis). The algal microfacies, typical of shallow and quiet epiplatform sedimentation, is comparable to the Recent accumulation of Halimeda-bearing sediments.

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