The environment of generation of some base metal Zechstein occurrences in Central Europe

Stanisław Speczik, Czesław Skowronek, Gunther Friedrich, Ralf Diedel, Claus Schumacher, Franz-Peter Schmidt


The observed differences in the petrographical, mineralogical and geochemical character of base metal Zechstein occurrences in Central Europe resulted from different geological environment of generation. The main processes, leading to the ultimate ore deposits formation, including preconcentration of base metals during the Late Variscan, transport in oxidized solution, and precipitation at the interface with euxinic environment, were generally the same. Different ore composition in particular occurrences corresponds to other geochemical characteristics of intimately associated basement. At least two provenance sources of metal, with other tenor and geochemical composition were active during the Lower Zechstein time. The first source is due to the metallogenic evolution of Caledono Variscan basement, the second is related to prolonged oxidation and leaching of base metals from red Rotliegendes molasse.

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